How to Have a Great Ass Day

“This hasn’t been the easiest year for me” is my first thought as I glance back at the last eight months of 2016. Heartbreak, disappointment, my own stupidity, among various other struggles flash in front of my eyes. The accumulation of these negative experiences has really brought down my mojo in addition to making me close myself off from the outside world at times.

But, there’s always a silver lining in any and every cloud if you look for it.

Friday September 9

I wake up feeling especially bummed. Typical. So I make myself coffee, put on a fun headband, and therapeutically watch re-runs of New Girl to lift my spirits. It works for a while. Somewhere during the day I believe I have class but that didn’t matter really. I take out the trash and check the mail for my roommates before laying by the pool and reading an assigned book to occupy my mid-afternoon.

Most of these small things have encouraged my positive mood, but the best thing to happen to me that day was a text from my friend Liz telling me to come get a tattoo with her when she got done at work. I didn’t really hesitate in saying yes to accompany her on her adventure–I always love a good adventure.

Suddenly I had an opportunity to do something for myself. I could get a tattoo too. I had been wanting to get something one of my past Significant Others had drawn, but that dream was from a long time ago. At that point I needed to decide on a new design. I slide into my room after I return from the pool and pick a drawing off of my dream wall. My drawing was from two summers ago when I worked as a receptionist. Who knew this would be its manifest.

Liz and I both go to the same place that we have gotten our piercings and get tattooed around 5 o’clock on a Friday afternoon. Mine on my left ribs and hers on her left hip. We walk out with smiles and drive home to my apartment and a bottle of moscato.

Sunday September 11

1:30pm – I post a cute video on Facebook of a tiny snake playing in a tiny snake sandbox and say, “Can I get a sssssnake guys?” and tag my roommates.

3:12pm – My roommate Catherine says her boyfriends roommate is getting rid of his snake if I wanted to have it.

4:30 pm – I make my future snake an Instagram. So go follow rafikithesnake if you need a good chuckle.

Life didn’t stop for the seemingly bad things that happened to me, and I’m quite glad it didn’t. I learned how to like spending time with myself and how to make myself smile. I stopped depending on other people to make my day spectacular and started saying yes to the opportunity in life. I couldn’t have had a great ass weekend if I didn’t take the chances I did or spend time with the people I spent it with. Life goes on.

img_5038Suggestions for a great day in addition to tattoos, wine and adopting a snake: Eat a taco. Get a smoothie. Read something. Draw something. Say I love you to people. Compliment yourself. Fulfill a small dream. Fulfill a big dream. Hike. Go for a walk. Hug yourself. Watch a music video. Cry. Laugh. Encourage someone else. Burp loudly. Wear a cute sweater. Brush your teeth. Don’t brush your hair. Wear two different socks. Make someone laugh. Send a letter. Fart. Don’t do anything harmfully stupid. 


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