April 19. 2017

As I approach my graduation from five years of undergraduate studies, I intend to open a new chapter of my life. In doing this, I have consciously and subconsciously become more aware of the experiences that have influences who I became through the past five years.

My personal outlook is that beginnings of our adventures do not always lead us down the road we set out taking. It is beautiful to see the successes as well as the failures as the best things that could have ever happened to us.

My life is the best thing that could have ever happened to me.

However, your life is also the best thing to happen to you. The universe in its power knits our fates together in a tangled and jumbled way, or at least thats all we can see from our perspective. Our perspective is not the same at the universe’s. Our future, past and most importantly PRESENT are all working toward a bright and beautiful life for the each person. Certain events may cause your view to become unclear, or even in contrast cause your life great joy and clarity, however change will always come. This change is in my opinion always for our best interests and to create new opportunity in life.

Our attitude however, toward the ever changing and sometimes tumultuous turns of life will determine the outcome. What we emit, I believe we attract. With a positive and bright perspective on our future, love and goodness will surely follow. Should you instead falter, and focus on the dark shadows of your experience, you will most likely find yourself at times lost in need of light.

The light is within you, whenever you turn it on. Light comes from actively choosing to have an attitude of appreciation for you life and being thankful for whatever has occurred to you.

Love yourself, and love others. Appreciate each moment.



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