What I Learned From a Pumpkin Patch


A few weeks ago, I obtained approximately fifteen pumpkin seeds of two different varieties at the Lowe’s near my home. I went back to my apartment and laid out fresh soil with fertilizer for a garden and planted the pumpkin seeds in two rows.

Two and a half weeks later, as I spent time with my little plants, I was able to reflect upon the visible improvement with my personal life that these tiny things have caused.

It is my opinion as I may have stated before, everything in life occurs on purpose, for the best interest of ourself. When I began this garden, I had many challenges in my life including moving away from my friends that I had found through my college years. I wanted the peace, and heightened energy that one can really only feel from caring and tending to plants. In my backyard, the area was overgrown, ridden with weed variety plants and having soil which mostly consisted of large rocks and gravel. In reaction to this, I was told by some people the garden wouldn’t be successful or be viable to grow plants.

I proved this wrong through finding determination to complete a task for the purpose of caring for these pumpkins. Through hardships in life, I feel it is important to take care of myself and heal the broken areas in my life through helping others. My way of doing this at this moment is by loving and caring after these ten pumpkin plants that are living in my backyard and to find ways to share this joy with others. Along with sharing my happiness the pumpkins have created, the physical fruits of working in my garden will be able to be shared with my loved ones. I have reached out to some of my friends to see if they wanted a pumpkin plant to talk to and care for in their backyard and will be giving away a few plants to make room for the permanent pumpkin plants. I just think everyone can use something to love on, even plants.

Through giving my love to my pumpkin patch I think its given me a lot of love and a few lessons right back.

These pumpkins have shown me through overcoming obstacles and accomplishing small but meaningful goals in creating their garden,  I can raise my spirits and ignore small obstacles with my new life in my hometown. These pumpkin plants have given me a reason to go outside and take in some fresh air everyday when I water them and remind me to make sure I’m watering my own body with enough hydration as well. When I have been agitated by something or someone and I walk outside to my plants, I am reminded that life is bigger than my small frustrations. Life makes sure that the sun hits the leaves of these plants and is taken in and then transformed to energy, which powers the tiny seeds I placed in the dirt to create the plants with a stem and three bright green leaves.

Life can take care of anything. Its gotten me this far, and it looks out even for the little pumpkin seeds. It will watch out for you too.

Best wishes to you.



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