William Blake: An Inspiration

“If the doors of perception were cleansed, everything would appear to man as it is: infinite.”

– William Blake –

I began writing this Sunday morning on the attraction of opposing forces when I stumbled into this quote by William Blake. The attraction of this view, similar to my own prompted me to begin research on this figure of light and found many artistic and poetic works done by this man. His views on religion, energy and the human body are truly remarkable and relatable to this current life, which if perceptions were purified, would indeed be eternal Mr. Blake.

At young ages it is said that William saw angels and also god, to which I feel inspired his profound creativity, understanding, and connection to the spiritual world. One particular work of art titled (although not named by Blake) The Ancient of Days, immensely attracted me and retained my attention for some time. In researching the meaning of this work, I found many interpretations that seemed to imply this figure named Urizen uses the compasses in his hand to impose a said “order in chaos” in which imagination is destroyed. I believe in many interpretations and without reading the supposed “intentional” meaning behind the work, I felt it was simply a wise being shedding light into the darkness  below. I am unable to ask William himself at the moment so I will save both my question and opinion of the matter.


William Blake wrote many books including Songs of Experience (1794) which contains poems that, in my personal opinion, reflect his kindhearted soul. It is beautiful to see the tender view in which William is able to look at people, plants and the world with no subjectivity and pure kindness. I highly encourage further reading in this book, as I could select endless quotes from the text itself.

However I will leave with my favorite thus far:

Love seeketh not itself to please,
Nor for itself hath any care,
But for another gives its ease,
And builds a Heaven in Hell’s despair.

My original post was to explore the attraction between opposites and to express the newfound experience I have delved into in my personal life. I have moved home to a place where the views of the people who live there contrast greatly to my own views. I have left the place I was born and in turn left behind the seemingly old ways of thinking that I once held.

Now, being back in the same place as a new person it is strange and could have easily been a struggle against the varying views on politics, equality and religion. However, I chose to look at this new endeavor with eyes of love and trust in this process. The people who have been brought into my path I know have been placed there for a reason and I am embracing each person with all the love I can give no matter what differences we posess. Respect and love is required to be reciprocated to be effective and complete.

As seen in this beautiful quote, Love has no agenda, or personal gain. It is in my heart as well as everyone else’s to be given freely to create peace and harmony in times where it is not readily found. In my adventure back home, I told myself to say YES to life and give love in experiences that have led me to many people who are my opposites in almost every way imaginable.

Love, gives others ease in times where hell feels ever present and heaven farther than ever. I can assuredly say I have found love in places others wouldn’t have guessed it would live, simply by putting love into those places.

And giving away all my love has truly built me whole again. I suggest saying yes to love and life if you also would like to try.

Thank you for your inspiration today William Blake.


-Lots of love and light,



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