Life is as You Are

“Life isn’t as it is, life is as you are.”



I have been very thankful to acquire the perspective that life will not always be peachy or free from strife, but the negatives we experience make for more beautiful positives. I know the universe is working toward good.

This summer, after graduation from college, I only wanted to live my dreams. In order to accomplish my dreams, they had to be defined. This was and still is an ongoing process of asking and responding to the higher powers at work in my life. I encountered difficulties following my path and seeing goals through, however when I follow my intuition and trust the process beautiful things have happened.

I was able to challenge myself and see growth in my spiritual and personal life. I set my goals at the beginning of this summer: to audition for a modeling agency, to travel, to share this blog, and to practice a meat free diet.  Well as of today, I have been able to accomplish these things and much more with endless positivity and perseverance.

When my family and friends ask what I’m doing since I’ve graduated, I tell them about my part-time work with my parents or if I’m close with them I shared about my callback for the modeling agency and my excitement for whats to come, as well as my life goal to help people in my everyday life. It is important to love on the people around me, whoever that may be, day to day.

I came across the beginning quote, “life isn’t as it is, life is as you are” yesterday on a sign for some form of doctors office. I love this quote and wanted to share it as well as my current story of the summer because it resonates with me quite deeply. Each of our lives is how we construct it, how we label and define the good and seemingly bad experiences in life. There is purpose, meaning and love in each moment of the day, and should it be hard to see, we have our own lights inside of us to shine through the darkness.

My passion, my truest ambition today, is to be present wherever I am, Love myself to the best of my ability, and to show Love to others. The most important thing I can do is to listen to the universe and what it’s telling me, smile at anyone I can, and share my light with others. I am very excited for the next chapters of my life and very grateful for the ones I have written thus far. Keep reading.


Love and Light,





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