Lunar Eclipse

As this partial lunar eclipse approaches, I have been mediating to learn what to make of the signs I have received from the universe this week. I learned through a few quite moments alone that the only thing that is stopping my happiness in life is myself: I am as free as I wish to be. All these signs have been pointing me toward the path of self love and growth.

At times I beat myself up a for illogical reasons like having a messy room or a mountain of laundry that is yet to be cleaned. Other times I dwell on previous failures or losses in life and have to forgive myself for the larger experiences that return to my mind.

It is important to put the small tasks of life in perspective so we are able to enjoy the abundance of love this life has to offer us. As for the deeper and perhaps troubling memories that tend to resurface, it is necessary to focus on the silver linings that are present in any circumstance. I fully believe universe is out to do us good. It is also my believe that when gratefulness is assigned to a seemingly poor situation, the positive outcome of those events will have larger effects than the negative moments at the time.

Plant good things from your heart in your future.  Volunteer your time, love on the people around you and smile toward the world. In my own life, I set aside two days  a month to see my grandma to help her have experiences she may not plan for herself. Additionally I am volunteering two sundays a month at the nursing home near me and am looking forward to the wisdom and rewarding relationships I will form in the coming months.

I am thankful for these past months but look forward with excitement to the fall and upcoming adventures that await me as I finally have created my home again.



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