Follow Your Smile

“Anything that is meant for you will not pass you” 
I have heard this quote countless times over the course of my life. It may seem at times that your luck has run out but I’m here to remind you that  the blessings of life are truly endless. The seemingly bad experiences we go through in life are working toward a bright and beautiful future for us. 

Over the summer I applied to a few jobs and either didn’t get a good vibe from the interview or never heard back from a company. However, just as my current modeling agency reached out to me after I expressed interest, so did my current job. 

I now work at a state park that holds so many cherished memories of mine, as well as many other people I’m sure. This job is truly a blessing to my soul and fills my heart with happiness. There are many times I didn’t know what the future held for me or what job I wanted to pursue but the right opportunity found me and I believe will always find whoever is open to it. 

I have heard so often to “follow your happy” and it’s a joy to be living my dream. I get to sit here in this boat house constructed from materials from the area it stands, and by the hands of people who wanted to create a beautiful area for my state. I look up and see the enormous lake in front of me and count this blessing a few times, because I can never be grateful enough for having this job find me. 
I hope in yourself you find your boldness, your whole hearted courage to be your “authentic you” and follow where your smile takes you. Lots of love. 
-Mad Murph


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