Encounters with Purpose

It is my firm belief that there are no coincidences in life, that every moment, meeting, and situation has purpose. Just as experiences provide us with meaning, people also are brought to us to add meaning to our life experiences. 

About a month ago, I had a brief encounter with a kind soul. The meeting was short–one extended conversation, but a meeting holding intention that still resonates with me today. We discussed life and our perspectives, finding similarities and differences. Both believing in the law of attraction we discussed our dreams and ambitions in life, as well as the ways we pursue our goals. This person provided me with encouragement and when I opened up about becoming a model, their response was to put all of my effort and intention into pursuing my dream, to quit being too humble, and stay focused. To make my dreams happen. 

I believe that advice was and still is very poignant and applicable to us all. If there is something to be achieved, set intentions with love and purpose. Pursue that dream relentlessly and while it is important to remain humble, never doubt the power, courage and unique spark that lies within. The light inside you will shine as bright as you let it. Focus on your light and let it shine towards and for your goals. 

In times where you need a sign, signs appear before you. I will add that if you are asking your higher power for a sign, and specify that you need a physical sign, a tangible and visible sign will be presented. In meeting this individual, I was given my clear sign. They had a tattoo that had three words that held much meaning to me. They shared how this tattoo represented that no matter what life gives you, it is truly a beautiful gift. I took this, and reflected on my own meaning received, and was reminded how there is so much gratitude to be had for this experience of living. 

There is so much to be seen, heard, shared and experienced. There is light in every living thing and there’s a bright light in us all that we get to go out in the universe and do good with. 

I encourage you to smile and share your light with the world today. 

Lots of Light and Love, 



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