Grow in Positivity

Just as the trees of the forest do not grow in the desert, and the cacti of the desert do not grown on the mountain, you will not grow a successful life in a negatively charged environment.

I have always found there are many similarities to the human spirit and nature. I find many lessons from being still in nature, and in actively caring for my own plants. I love tending to the sweet plants in my garden. I give water to them in dry spells, remove weeds from their soil, and add nutrients to fertilize their growth.

Just as there are a wide variety of plants, that all live in different areas each of us are unique and precious with our own corresponding surroundings of people and places. We all have separate ambitions, preferences, and individual life experiences.

It is my belief that not only our physical environment, like the one that greatly impacts the natural world, our emotional environment around us greatly influences our lives. In my own life, I search for positivity and love daily as I also try to share my own light with others who may be in dark places.

I encourage you to always see the best in people and circumstances, but to also take note if people or situations around you are draining you of your energy and positivity. A negative person can drain you and even change you to where you forget where you are going, or who you are striving to be. There is a distinct difference in helping someone through a rough time, or having a bad day yourself, and planting yourself directly by toxic people or situations. Weed out things that drain your energy and water your life with experiences that enrich your heart.

It is important to love yourself enough to persist and face the sun as the sunflower does, and follow your inner light.




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