Two of my Lamas

Essentially, a lama is a holy spiritual teacher. My partner gave me a book by Lama Christie McNally in which she describes this powerful and influential person or persons in our lives. The lama is someone who you see the wholesome good in, and can model a pure life from.

I am fortunate to have many of these people in my life but in writing this today I would like to focus on two.

My Aunt Elveen has always been a selfless soul from her early childhood. She left school to help her mother take care of their family since her father passed away when she was two years old. From then, my Aunt Elveen lived her life, got married, raised four of her own children, and in a physical sense adopted my grandfather, father and uncle into her home. There was never, and will never be a limit to my Aunt Elveen’s love, as she always welcomes those who need help into her heart and home.

She took care of my sister and I while our parents worked when we were little. I can only remember all the patience and love she blessed us both with. I truly aspire to be like her in my life; only speaking highly of others, following my own path in love and hopefulness. In my eyes she is one of my first holy teachers, showing me the importance of divine love and gifting me with the power of love I carry in my soul today. To learn from her is in my opinion, to sit at the feet of an angel. There is no doubt in my mind how greatly she has shaped my world as well as many others.

A lama is a person who is older than you sometimes, but they can also have an old soul. I am blessed by an old soul Hannah. My best friend Hannah was always someone I admired and adored while we spent time together. She was a person who persisted through the frustrating and pressure filled years of high school in following her own path. By this girl ceaselessly being true to herself she helped me become my own self.

In a time where I was attached and even blinded by religion, Hannah was kind to me and patient. She always shared her beliefs in a higher, very real power that was full of love, and only love. Looking back on this belief of hers, that is all I wanted to believe in. Teachings fed to me by society and my religion at the time, attempted to hold me back but experiencing how Hannah broke free from all those limitations inspired me. She only saw love. This is a reason she was the first person I told about many of my life realizations like being a pansexual. She accepted me without hesitation and told me the rest of the world should too.

She had a pure heart and soul, which is what I know now was a personal blessing from the universe.

The beginnings of opening my heart and mind began with my sweet Aunt Elveen and this dear friend and that is what truly makes them two of my lamas. I give thanks for both of their love and light that I now find in my own soul and intend to share that with everyone.

Meditate and ask yourself, who among your friends and family do you admire and for what reasons? Which people in your life have led your heart to freedom and replenished your energy? Which souls around you inspire love, light and creativity? These lamas are surrounding us in this lifetime and the lessons we can experience are endless. I thank God for my teachers, for my lamas and for my friends, and for the blessings they all bring my heart.

Give thanks for these people today in whatever way you find fitting. Let them know there light is reflected in you and wholly appreciated.

Much love,

Mad Murph


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