Set Intention From Your Heart

Inside each of our bodies, there is a pure place that contains immeasurable amounts of love and light. This love and light can be harnessed with our intentions to manifest change. Our heart is this place of power that can create goodness visibly, physically and emotionally in our own lives as well as the lives of those we actively share our love with.

Each day there are tasks we want or “need” to accomplish. These can be duties we feel we are required to complete, or we can view each action in life as just that ACTION. By shifting the perspective on these tasks, to actions in life with abundant opportunity to set intention toward a greater good.

Much like maintaining a car, we must maintain purpose in life. There are things that a vehicle “needs” to be able to be an efficient mode of transportation. Changing the oil in our cars or fueling the tank with gasoline can be seen as tedious, but the actions have intention behind them! In these cases it is to maintain our vehicles to allow efficient performance and providing fuel to allow us to travel distances. It is purely intention and perspective that allows an brighter outlook. Allow your perspective on seemingly small or previously labeled “insignificant” instances to change. Allow small things like your morning commute to work, stretching your legs on a break, or a brief chat with a stranger to gain larger intention within them. Assign any kind of value you want like creating more happiness, or energy in yourself or a loved one once this action has passed. These daily instances will gain value through your own intentions which you set in your heart.

In my life I assign an intention that allows healing others when I fold origami cranes. This can be physical mental or emotional pain and stress that blinds people from the total and complete happiness that is found within each of our hearts. I have a set purpose with intention from my hearts center that each time I begin to fold a crane, someone, somewhere finds peace and healing. I look at each completed crane as a sweet person somewhere who has found healing.

Look for or create an action in your life that you can add intention to. Reflect quietly each morning or directly before you accomplish this task, “What am I doing and what are my intentions?”

Find the warm light in your heart and allow it to transform your action.

Love and Light,

Mad Murph


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