Lessen the Divide With Empathy and Love

It is normal for me to learn about world events a few days past the date of their occurrence. To watch news that dwells on much of the negative aspects of culture and society is not something I normally participate in. I try to stay up to date on current events as to be aware, and not ignorant of the world, but media has the ability to focus on negative stories. This is not something in which I find joy.

As I became aware of the tragic events that took place recently in Las Vegas, I was overwhelmed with sorrow and compassion for the people impacted by this act. Those who were killed, their families, and those who experienced any fear resulting from this traumatic experience have been in my heart and thoughts. But my compassion also extends to the person who took the lives of these people, in one short time frame. To live in a mind where he felt he was capable of that act, must have been a truly horrible place to live. Any and everyone effected has been in my heart.

After reflecting on why I felt such sadness it was not simply the tragedy that occurred, it was also the resulting debate on gun control, mass shooter profiles, politics, and additional negativity in other fashions. I don’t think thats the point. As I recognize some policies need to change, my true opinion is that the amount of division between the souls of this world needs to lessen, and love magnified. Without division we can look at a completely different living thing and see ourselves.


To create a divide is to deny that divine empathy which I know can be given to any creature on this earth. In celebrating the connections we posses as living beings, experiencing life together among plants, animals, and people, we find this empathy. We find the pure ability to see ourselves in other people, creatures, and even the grass we walk on. Invisible barriers should not be created between “us” and “them” no matter what situation is imagined. Definitions of our own set of standards for “good” and “bad” should be shifted to focus on the positive aspects, or ability to give understanding of ANY given experience. The more love freely given and acceptance allowed to who are different, will create more and more unity.

I believe sometime soon that Unity will dispel the hate and division in the world.

See, to me, every living being needs love. Love is pure and is what binds every heart to a Great and Higher Power. The love that fills your heart in this very moment can and will change the world. It can break walls of hate and ignorance, and it can draw close those who can not give love as freely in the current moment. Love can and will transform your perspective and help bring life to others simply just by allowing love to do so. The love people need is great, strong, and enduring.

That love lives inside you.

Share it. 

Love and Light,

Mad Murph




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