Allow Your Joy


“In dire times, when you need a sign, thats when they appear.”  -Drake 

Often signs provided by the universe are interpreted as “coincidence” or “chance”, however, it is merely an alternative perspective which gives the meaning to the sign in given situations. Moments of request to solve a specific need or question evoke the universe to converse with an open, receptive heart through signs, and to give the request a response.

These signs of response exist at all times as the universe attempts to speak to us. It is not just in times of despair where the universe is called upon to remedy a problem that signs are given.  Signs and any other form of interaction with the higher source are to provide each of us with more love and a sense of awareness that we are never separated from that great love. These token comforts and random events that result in a symphony of joy are present in each day if the eyes are open to them.

Just as these signs are perceived, so can joy be perceived in any circumstance. You will never be able to control another’s emotions or actions toward you, but you will always be in control of your emotions and reactions in relation to everyone and everything in this universe. If you are able to understand this, you will be able to look upon every moment, situation, and other being with simplistic love and joy. You will be able to see obstacles as opportunities, and even look at past pain as fuel for potential joy.

There is joy existing in all of your moments. Through all of the good, bad, and mixed parts of your life, there has been a culmination to this very moment where you, are found here in the best moment of your life. You have everything in front of you that you will allow. Anything that has seemingly brought about pain to you in the past, or separated you from the whole amount of love you can provide yourself, has only allowed for you to know what will only bring you true and lasting joy in this very moment and all the moments to come. Any and every bad day, has allowed for you to feel the total bliss of a perfectly aligned day. And from here on out, you can actively choose to look at each day as your best day yet and experience the joy that only that day can provide you since it is so unique and specific. Let there be no circumstance for you to allow yourself to feel joy.

Open your eyes to endless joy. It is included in everything and is available indefinitely.

Love and Light,

Mad Murph


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