You Have Healing

Life will hand you an array of opportunities. This array will be formed of chances to better yourself, chances to grow and learn, or chances to feel emotions that indicate your next step in life. Notice that none of these opportunities were labeled as “good” or “bad”, “easy” or “difficult”. Life is one whole and complete opportunity, one that will provide you with joy and love just as all opportunities allow. I want to share this today that hopefully one person may feel my deep love for them in a time where they can not see the beauty of an opportunity that they are perceiving now as a challenge. I’m here to remind you that life is not here to test you, it is here to set you free.

Through every moment of each day you will be experiencing this life that is carving a clear and wonderful path to your greatest joy. Each day in your life is an opportunity to show and feel love, through people, nature, and all creation. We as humans may experience hardships and suffering but this is an opportunity for us to find the abundant positive aspects that are wonderfully still present even in the darkest times. Just as the sun is always behind the clouds, so is our bright future that we are moving toward.

Any and all pain you may be feeling now is to guide you toward a place of peace and comfort where you can appreciate the pain that led you there. Your inner perspective, or your guiding system is present within you at all times. You have everything you need at all times to have your potential best life. Allow yourself to listen to this inner being that is your true self. It will show you the path of least resistance to see the rainbow after the rain. It will show you how to find beauty in all people. It will show you how to see each day with loving eyes and an open heart. It will show you your pain was leading to, and ONLY to, your greatest joy. Your own heart and soul will show you there is no pain after listening to it long enough.

You eventually will find you have all your solutions.

You will show yourself healing.

I encourage you, if you are experiencing sadness, to create happiness in someone else’s day. If you are hurting, listen to a person who needs someone to hear them out.

I am happy to respond to anyone who is experiencing trouble. Feel free to contact me.

Love and Light,

Mad Murph


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