Live Through

My very best friend often says the phrase, “Sadly, you’re gonna live through this.” The sadly of course being sarcastically comical.  I have come to recall upon her words with love in my dark times and have been able to gain the energy I need to get through.

To get through time is a funny concept if pondered.

To live through something.

I enjoy the delicious thoughts of that concept.

To live through something.

All the experiences that create reality, present past and future, those experiences are what our life flows through. Life can be no other way, than how it is presently. This may not resonate with all, but it shall with some, and we can enjoy this revelation.

You can’t change the past. You can only move forward.

In rough times where happiness may not be readily present, joy is created in the persisting through the “pain”. You have made it this far. You will go further. Your life is flowing from your past to create a great and wonderful future. Life isn’t over; I don’t believe life will ever be over. Love is in all the open spaces and the hidden things, in all the memories that make you smile and make you cry; you were alive and you still are. Through the past and all the future, your life has been moving toward your best joy. You can not be anything less than perfect no matter what you do. Even if you think you fail, you have already succeeded. Turn yourself on your head if you feel upside down and you will see life is right-side up.

You are perfect. You are love.

You are living through it.

Love and Light,

Mad Murph


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