Love is All

I believe that there is far more love and beautiful harmony between any two people than anything else to compare. 

This thought is on account of my profound appreciation for the answers my soul always provides me. I once wondered what I loved in a significant other and what truly drew me to romantically love another soul. What a wonderful answer was brought to my reality.

This sweet answer came during a time in life when I was focused on being the most positive I could be, that in attempting to practice this positive lifestyle I avoided negativity, and situations that created contrast in my life. However it is through appreciated contrast that preferences become established and the greatness of life becomes tangible. My tangible greatness came in an instant, a moment of opportunity to explore someone so different that I was, and a beautiful experience of loving a person who treats my heart so well.

Although joy was found in moments spent together, the two of us were truly different in almost a million ways. From music to our spirituality, there is very little we found in common. When we first began spending time with one another, I would wonder what purpose we both had in finding happiness in each other’s company and how it was that two strangers could create so much love.

I discovered I had that the only answer needed: Love.

It came in just all the best and brightest aspects a soul could have. In small ways, and days full of laughter, it was obvious there was nothing to dwell on but the best parts of him. In sharing a love with this sweet human, I’ve learned that you truly can share your heart with another expecting nothing in return, and receive galaxies full of happiness in return. I’ve finally seen that love and appreciation does come free from pain, and with whole understanding. By loving this stranger whom I had nothing in common with and seemingly had only contrast, I showed myself there is only love to be had between any two souls. Love is all.

Pure real and flowing love, truly can only allow all that life is. Its purpose is allowing ways for anyone to love themselves more through that happiness that love provides, no matter what vessel provides it. Love comes in loving the beautiful constellations within ourselves so we can shine for others to see that they can too.

It is wonderful knowing that being in love with another physical soul is really just one person finding more joy and love in themselves while allowing the other to do the same. Loving any other thing at all is truly is just you, precious you, allowing the free and willing expansion of your love.

I look forward to you finding all the answers you look for on this wonderful walk.

Love and Light,

Mad Murph



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