Not just hidden in the sand, or beneath the ocean, the treasure in life is anywhere it is searched for. In places, experiences, and particularly in people, there is always a treasure to be found.

It is my belief and perpetual thought that people and the spirit within them are amongst the most precious treasures in the galaxy. The golden souls that are held dear to some, others may have disregarded and not perceived the same light and love that you do.

Each and every soul is a unique addition to the value of our world, wether it’s value is apparent or buried under a couple layers of digging. Each and every person’s specific inner light adds dimension and profound gorgeousness to the entirety of life. Not one soul shines brighter than any other; It is only who is perceiving the light that decides how brightly a soul shines into their life. I find it truly beautiful that each of us possesses that ability to search and see the treasures in all people.

Each of you is a treasure, and there will be sweet people who look at you and solely see your shine.

Should life bring you to a point where you doubt your immense light and brilliance, your irrevocable value has never been up for question for you truly a treasure. Even deep in the sand and seas of life, you are still valuable beyond measure. Assuredly the sun still shines behind the clouds and should you lift your head you will find your silver lining. Amidst the trials and along the bumpy paths of life, there is sunshine to show you the treasures on the way to where you are going.

Love and Light,

Mad Murph


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