The experience of living each of our lives is so wonderfully complex and infinitely dimensional.

The beauty of this experience comes in so many avenues of brightness and joy within a vast array of adventures and acquaintances.

It is so wonderful to dwell on the belief that everything is always working out to your greatest joy. It is tremendous that the right people will always find you when you need them and build you up if you ever feel you are falling. In this expansion of life, past the clouds of a storm, the sun is always shining, even at night, burning for the future bright morning.

I believe in an appreciation of the night’s darkness, the times of contrast, where things may seem to be overwhelming or out of control. In appreciating whatever clouds may attempt to block the sun, you will create your own sunshine. Even in the nights of your life, the bright joy of your sun is always rising for the next day; never will your joy dismiss you and fail to find you.

I have found such appreciation in my dark times where I have been lead by the kind light in the people surrounding me. How beautiful and deeply treasured is the sunshine of other souls who shine so effortlessly through the darkness. I appreciate the seemingly small acts of kindness, all the smiles from strangers and each ray of sunshine coming through the trees each morning.

Every cloudy day or dark night is allowing you to see the sun and stars all that much brighter. I think you shine just as brightly as they do.

Love and Light,

Mad Murph

My doggo givin u some of her sunshine

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