Good Morning to You

In the mornings when we rise, it is important to tend to our mental and emotional states. As we prepare for the arriving of tasks, meeting, or outings, we are best prepared to achieve our goals in an efficient manner when our energy is full and our vibrations are high. Each morning sets a tone for the rest of the day. If there is an emphasis on personal wellness at the start of your day, the hours that follow will be enriched by your invested care.

Many effective people have routines that help them accomplish a positive frame of mind to carry them through the day. Wonderful things to add love to your day include light exercise, yoga, reading, meditating, writing, or even eating healthy foods that physically fuel the body. I myself enjoy flexibility in my life as well as some variance in my mornings. However, the same goal of creating joy is still being met, no matter what I choose to do on a given morning. One aspect of my mornings that I do choose to keep consistent is to wake up and make coffee for myself. So in order to easily add some love to my mornings, I placed a note to on my refrigerator so I am reminded to recite it when I go there for my coffee and creamer.

This note fills me up so that I am able to go through my day with a heart full of love and eyes of kindness. Here is what I have written to myself:


I hope that this post has inspired you incorporate a fresh new way to love yourself a little more each morning. Give yourself a good morning, each special day you rise, because we all deserve to start out each day with a full heart and a head full of sunshine. Your life is a blessing and so are you.

Love and Light,

Mad Murph


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