Life is a Garden

As I sit in a small gazebo in the Dallas Arboretum I am filled with a certain peace that only nature allows. The beauty found in all these flowers and plants has blossomed each from its own seed. It is tremendously wonderful that we are no different. Once we were all far different than we are both internally as well as externally, physically and mentally, and we have grown into who we are in this present moment.

I love gazing upon the variety of plants and trees that create this beautiful haven. Even more so I cherish the many different souls in my life experience that create a garden for my spirit. Life allows the perfect environment for us to blossom into our best self. There is no force we need exert to become any great person, only allowance and acceptance.

The universe shines on these gorgeous plants just as life shines on us. We are infinitely and divinely cared for in all our individual life experiences. Everything we will ever need, we will always have. It can be no other way.

Truly, each of us has the capability to provide a peace and comfort for someone or something, just in the same manner these gorgeous plants do–just by simply existing. It is my wish that your eyes can see your surroundings as your own perfect garden, that you can appreciate your own heart as it is a precious treasure, and that you can rest assured your spirit will always follow your joy.

It is so wonderful we have grown to where we are now and that we will always keep growing.

Love and light,

Mad Murph

Instagram: @_murpho


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