I will hold in what I wish to tell you.

I will scribble poems about you into the sand with my fingertips.

Don’t distract me.

All the paper. All the different paper writes differently.

The pens don’t write the same, so my handwriting changes.

I watch my thoughts which I write in Autumn.

I write about the changes.

I could close my eyes and feel all of my Autumns.

A deep rainbow canyon,

Truly filled with love.

I can see you in the leaves.

In your jacket.

In love with me.

If I were to fall further back

I wonder what I would find.

Some of the most deep and persistent memories float to a ray of light on a wistful breeze.

A requiem for their lifetime.

Illuminating the shell of their beautiful life and the energy of it.

I could try to forget these things but they never leave.

They return with lessons of knowledge I simply let be.

I dream that theres hope for you, and love for these seasons in between.


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