A beautiful blessing.

You and every rainbow.

On a rainy day where clouds are all that is to be seen, the sun still shines on the other side. A gap in the grey allows the suns rays to meet the raindrops off in the distance. Refracting and bending in the water droplets, that sunshine and rain now become a gorgeous combination of color, bold against the clouds of the day.

You and every person I’ve met or will ever meet, is just as gorgeous. A culmination of the sunshine in life, the goods and the highs, the love and the light. Theres warmth in knowing those experiences and people have found their way into the home of our hearts.

Even when the storms of life tumble into the sky and strive to hide your shine, I believe the sun inside each of us can only beam into those perceived rain clouds in order for a bending of perspective and good change. The experiences that are not as warm and lovely are just as valuable for they are what allow a new way in which your light can be seen. The seemingly “good” and “bad” are only avenues to allow each unique combination of self to grow and become more and more spectacular.

You are not just the sunshine, or the rain, you are not your greatest love, nor are you your deepest pain.

You are the best and brightest reflection of all of that change.

In the bends of your life you will not just find your own way to shine and arrange your colors, but you will become a beacon of hope for others as well. It is an inspiration and a great joy to see another shine though whatever may come.

Truly in these words there is great love for you. May you see yourself and everyone else in the grand and colorful way that a rainbow reminds us of love on rainy days. I invite you also to let those who add color to your life know how truly appreciated they are.

Love and Light,

Mad Murph

All thanks for photos taken by Merica

Insta: @mericamcan


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