In the next three weeks I will be devoting the entirety of my efforts to the creations that make my soul shine the brightest; my writing, and my art. In this effort I will remove myself my from my home and my normal contact with people to truly focus on the things that light up my heart. I am not fully sure of what the upcoming days will hold, or what I will bring back with me, but I know I deserve the adventure of finding what feels the best, and seeing what that creates from it.

It is truly my passion to share these things I’ve explored in my head and heart, and am able to make them readable, or see-able, or feel-able. There is so much creativity stored in my soul that is calling me to attention, and now to the path of creation. I know this to be an opportunity to allow the fulfillment of listening to my inner guidance. If you would like to follow my journey, follow @creationsbymurpho on Instagram or sign up to receive my emails.

Love and Light,

Mad Murph


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