Let It Be

Let things be.

I have never talked down at the seed saying that it should already be a tree. I knew it would take some time. And how greatly do I love the trees. Seeing the branches hug the sunset, perfectly positioned to make a new piece of art every afternoon I come home.

Each part of this universe has its own time to evolve and grow. Every journey is illuminated by the same light guiding all corners of the cosmos to their truth.

Let anyone and anything be who they want to be.

All deserve happiness and that happiness is always approaching. In my mind, its like a refreshing breeze that just comes again, each time you need a little relief. Moments may come where there is brief sadness or difficulties, but once you get a little distance, and give it some time, those moments of short discomfort are pointing in the direction of better things.  The larger image of our lives can not be comprehended in a single moment, day or even year. The culmination of small occurrences and every experience felt over a lifetime is what creates our greatest joy. And joy is surely finding those searching for it.

Give it time. Let it be. I’ve learned how those words can set you free.

The past is gone. The future is infinite and eternal. The present is where you will find love in all situations, circumstances and souls if you chose to look at the “now” with love. Understanding is inside you and effortless, truly. All the answers to any question of this life are already answered, time may just need to catch up to them.

Love and Light,

Mad Murph


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