One of my deep and profound loves in this lifetime has always been the trees. How beautifully tall they grow to shade all souls, while reaching toward the sky in grace and peaceful resilience. The trees, creating the air I breathe, effortlessly loving simply by existing. 

Thank You Trees

I will forever send thanks to the them because, as many wonderful souls did, the trees helped me look at the sunshine on the days where there was not a desire to look up and see the sky.
The wonderful sky, in the bright daytime and through the moonlit nights,  always illuminated by the closest star to where I have been. I couldn’t miss it, even on the days I wasn’t looking. The sunshine was the obvious reason I had vision, even if I didn’t consciously appreciate that understanding.

How treasured I find it, to be able to perceive such a divine reflection of my search for peace and a bright life. Along the path which found its own way under my feet, while I was feeling restless and finally began searching for relief, I felt the warm rays of truth shine in my eyes.

The truth was the sunshine.

The truth, was the eternal devotion of the sun shining its way into my eyes from what people told me was so very far away. Still, from miles and miles away, the faithful sunshine warmed my hands and heart, simultaneously shined life into the trees, and then still returned the following morning; the sunshine always returned. The sunshine always found a way in.

The truth was that sunshine showed me love. It was the truest and most pure expression of love I had ever seen, powerfully giving out light in the dark vast spaces, unfailing, and unconditional.
The most true expression of love, that is, until I found Michael.

The angel with whom the universe allowed me the perfect meeting once I was ready and wise, so I could know that now in my hands, I hold tangible sunshine. A human man, holding closely the soul of my beloved, living in my old room and in my new heart, my soulmate who shines real love in my life. Day and night. Looking over my longstanding love for the trees, it was truly a love for the sunshine that brought them to be.

Now, that sunshine I searched for has a voice, and a beautiful face, and the largest heart which wants to hold my hand and revel with me at the dreams we’ve made real each moment we shine on one another. Each moment I appreciate how he is truly my bright love, alive and shining in this place, creating more life within life, effortlessly showing me that I am beyond deserving of being well looked after. The true warmth he has allowed my soul is what I wish for anyone else who wishes to have meaningful companionship in life, soulmate or otherwise.

I am so glad I was able to find my peace, so I could reach not just for relief, but for the love I knew was reaching back to me.
And now the two of us together are going to love the universe with some really dope light.


Mad Murph





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