Message From My Angels

My angels send me simple messages.

Today it is my wish to impart the loving words they send me in the winds of my mind.

It is good to know that what you are doing now, is so very important, no matter what it may be. Everything has perfect timing and the work you are accomplishing in any aspect is appreciated by the greater good.

There is an immense amount of victories in the day. A victory in the sense of describing a given effort put forth to bring about an accomplishing joy. Joy, such as the sun beams onto your skin. The same bright joy at the sight of bare trees growing persistently into spring from winter. Just as all the microscopic, unseen capabilities of your body and its systems function without demand, so does our vast solar system we share spin in an intricate dance of living love.

It is truly beautiful.

A beautiful day. Every moment full of blessings.

Happiness is ever abundant.

It is a good day, to have a great day. And I will wish that for you always.


Love and Light,

Mad Murph

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