Sunlight in the Morning

Opening the blinds to see what I could find.

And there swept over me a renewed love for the sunshine of this morning,

and for life.

Absorbing the starlight from space, finding its way to grace my soul.

In all the life I have already experienced, there has been so many traces of you.

Just like the sunlight will always find a way to shine on me, so will you.

There was always a sign.

I loved all the colors in which they came in.

How golden was the patience knowing the goodness to come before seeing it in my hands.

The trees of hope grew through a faith planted divinely in my spirit.

Each moment of this morning, refreshing. Each breath of this lifetime fresh with love. I am so thankful for you.

Here we are.

With our dreams and our capable hands and it is a gorgeous morning again.

With love,

Mad Murph


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