Perfect Timing

There are wonderful bright moments that allow an effortless feeling of alignment in my soul. Just by listening, not always acting, I am able to allow the source of the universe to guide and direct my path with ease.

Simple things, are often beautiful things.

This crystal was brought to me through a silent presence while I cleaned one day. Something told me to get up on the ladder and clean an area I had already cleaned. Thinking it was slightly odd to have that feeling, I still climbed up three rungs, to find myself right above my eye level with a shelf, to find a note from my soulmate. The note had brought me so much joy that I took it to work with me and set it up on a shelf out of the way of my cleaning in order to keep it safe.

Thinking peacefully, “How wonderful is the universe, to make sure I didn’t leave this note when I go,” I felt the joy of alignment that comes with going along with life’s natural flow. As I was about to descend back down to the ground, directly in front of me on the shelf above my note was this gorgeous crystal that was almost invisible, but reflected a beautiful rainbow as I moved.

Just a simple rock and a sticky note created an abundance of joy in my heart. These treasures reminded me the real rewards of letting life flow is a deep happiness. The pure feeling of the universe whispering silently “upwards and onwards”, and “I love you”, and “more and more, and even more joy is coming”.

I hope right now you feel the joy of the infinite love of the universe, who always sees you, and is looking for fun ways to show you that love. We are all here to feel joy, to have fun experiences and even to hold tangible reminders that life is about finding all the smiles. Good things are already on the way to you.

And I love you.

All the best,

Mad Murph

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