My Biggest Creation

My entire life I have found immense joy in artwork. The joy that came from expression through any medium was divine to my life experience. Creating paintings, drawings and collages of all sorts have given me an endless array of good feelings. I am appreciative to have found profound peace and comfort in all parts of artistic creation.

At times, I have set specific intentions and held grand visions for a given piece. Moments have found me in frustration while I lacked the patience and understanding that great works often take a bit of time. But through practicing patience, and waiting in love for what’s to come, I’ve grown to see that the vision was always, and is always, coming to fruition. What really matters is the creating, therfore the creation will always come to be, as it should be.

Many of my dear friends possess these completed little creations in their home, and it brings such a warmness in my heart to have my creations appreciated. So when my friend Dakoda asked me to bring a mural to life in his living room, my answer was a resounding yes. His vision was to create a northern lights scene on his living room wall to create a cozy feel with his new fireplace renovations.

Over the course of six visits so far, the picture I have set out to create has come out quite nicely. I thought the 10 x 26 foot wall holding a new landscape scene was without question my largest canvas. However after sharing my paintings progress and receiving an overwhelming amount of love and support, I can safely say my life is my biggest and most treasured creation.

I’ve blended my life’s experiences, and come up with creative solutions to make my visions come to life. I can happily look at the life I’ve created and see all the wonderful dimensions of my experiences. How sweet it is that my moments of obscurity were experienced in order to create backgrounds for my moments of beaming bliss. It’s so wonderful to see how all my efforts have been accounted for, and that as bright and beautiful my life is, I still have more to create.

Monday Affirmation : It is good and lovely, that I am never done creating my masterpiece of life.

Love and all the Best,

Mad Murph

Photos by Freaky Tiki Photography

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