Sunlight in the Morning

Opening the blinds to see what I could find. And there swept over me a renewed love for the sunshine of this morning, and for life. Absorbing the starlight from space, finding its way to grace my soul. In all the life I have already experienced, there has been so many traces of you. Just like the sunlight will always find a way to shine … Continue reading Sunlight in the Morning

How to Have a Great Ass Day

“This hasn’t been the easiest year for me” is my first thought as I glance back at the last eight months of 2016. Heartbreak, disappointment, my own stupidity, among various other struggles flash in front of my eyes. The accumulation of these negative experiences has really brought down my mojo in addition to making me close myself off from the outside world at times. But, there’s … Continue reading How to Have a Great Ass Day