The layers of the paint matter. The color you choose first matters greatly to the expression of the completed work. It all builds on the base. Life too will have avenues that may not look like your final destination, but avenues which will surely add to your joy that’s approaching. There is so much love in the specific sequence of colorful experiences and people that … Continue reading Art

I will hold in what I wish to tell you. I will scribble poems about you into the sand with my fingertips. Don’t distract me. All the paper. All the different paper writes differently. The pens don’t write the same, so my handwriting changes. I watch my thoughts which I write in Autumn. I write about the changes. I could close my eyes and feel … Continue reading

You Have Healing

Life will hand you an array of opportunities. This array will be formed of chances to better yourself, chances to grow and learn, or chances to feel emotions that indicate your next step in life. Notice that none of these opportunities were labeled as “good” or “bad”, “easy” or “difficult”. Life is one whole and complete opportunity, one that will provide you with joy and … Continue reading You Have Healing